28 septiembre, 2022

Daniel Sjöstrand: «When I thought I had seen it all»

Source: FC Barcelona (Instagram)

I’ve seen so many great footballers in my life, especially at the Camp Nou and I honestly thought I had seen it all… until last night.

How do you survive the departure of a superstar like Lionel Messi? As everyone has seen Barcelona has been really bad these past years. Losing Messi and having huge debts have been the highlights to remember.

Suddenly something changed. Laporta became President. Xavi signed on as head coach and suddenly the club sorted out its issues, somehow, to financially be able to rebuild a team in shatter.

The renewal of Demblélé and the signing of Robert Lewandowski have been game changers. If we hadn’t seen it before, last night we definitely saw it. Sure, we can’t think too much of winning against a Sevilla that has absolutely lost its way and against a Czech team that shouldn’t be able to go up against these catalan giants.

Still we have to remember that playing against smaller clubs has its disadvantages. It’s a different type of football and you have to be focused and motivated. That was clearly shown at the Viktoria Plzen goal making it 1-2 and a game with nerves. But then the difference happened.

Demblélé took a bad shot, lost the ball, but recuperated it with an amazing sliding tackle. Then he played a great ball over everyone to find Lewandowski at the second post. And then the score was 3-1.

The final score ended up 5-1 and Robert Lewandowski scored a hattrick and gis Champions League debut for Barcelona. When I thought I had seen it all…I was wrong.

Source: Futbol BCN





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