How long will it take for the season to be called to an early end?

We are in January 2021. In March it’s been almost a year since we were caught by surprise by the current pandemic that didn’t just cancel the season but also locked us up for the next three months in our homes.

The decision to finish the season early was very disappointing for everyone who had been working hard since October looking for success. On the other hand it was most likely the correct decision to make given the situation we were in.

In January 2021 non professional leagues are still not able to compete due to the pandemic. With the high numbers, this season sadly keeps on being the correct one as health comes first of all.

The question isn’t if but when the FCF will call for an early end of the 2020/2021 season. Their campaign «Football is secure», still remains their line of passage.

Should the FCF call for the end of the season already?

YES 79% – NO 21%

More and more people are asking for the end of the season to be called and chants for the federation to return the money people paid in the beginning of the season are being heard more and more everyday that passes.

Why should it be so hard to understand that until the end of the pandemic, or at least until the numbers go down, it isn’t possible to compete?

The first week of training this year has also created a new issue given the hometown lock down where players can’t train with their teams if they live in another town that their club. As per say, if you live in Badalona you are not allowed to go and train with your team in Barcelona even it’s 10 minutes away.

The people want answers from the FCF, who, if they want keep the trust of the people, won’t have any other choise but to give it to them.

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