30 de marzo de 2023

Interview: Nazaret Segura – The newest addition to Seagull

Nazaret Segura, 23 years old, from the Canary Islands, learned how to play football on the street. She has only been a registered player for 7 years meaning she didn’t start to compete until she was 14 years old.

Years ago it was normal the girls started playing in a club between 13-16 years of age, or even later, but nowadays lots of girls already start when their 5-7 years old thanks to the growing quantity of clubs offering girls football or at least letting them play on their boys teams.

The later situation was Nazaret’s case when she started playing for UD Puerto Cruz in Tenerife. She started playing for her first women’s club when she transferred to the Granadilla reserve team who played in the Spanish Second Division. while first team played in the First Division

She made her debut in the First Division when she was 17 years and was also elected to play for the Canarian regional team. The first big step was when she left the islands to go to Logroño where she had a very successful year winning the promotion to the First Division.

The next step brought her to Castellón, just north of Valencia, where she became the top scorer for the team. This opened up the door to go and play for the local rival Villarreal.

«I learned so much about women’s football there, but due to personal reasons I moved to Alhama. Unfortunately things didn’t go very well and I decided to end the season with Seagull.»

Seagull showed interest in Nazaret in the beginning of the season, but her wish then was to play in the south. Now she’s very happy that club from Badalona was still interested in signing her.

«They have a great project going on and have worked hard to be where they are right now. I hope to be able to contribute to that as much as I possibly can.»

The objective for this season is clear. Nazaret wants to help the team and go for the top positions in the league with hope of qualifying for the First Division next season.

Apart from learning everyday at training, her ambition is to be able to live off football y give it her all. The dream is to one day play for the Spanish national team.

When she was younger she was a huge fan of Ronaldinho, but what really affected her career wasn’t a player, but a moment, a goal they lifted all of Spain to their feet, a goal that united towns, cities and the whole country.

She describes it as something better than Marvel and their superheroes because that moment was real, so real seeing the fans crying out of happiness and emotion. Iniesta’s goal that secured Spain their first ever World Cup win. Thet was the reason why she decided to play football.

«Outside of football I love kids. They are the future. I also love sports like swimming, baseball, volley ball, tennis and padel. I would love to exceed within sports, but I’m also a student studying for the entry test to the Academy of the National Police of Spain.

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