29 de marzo de 2023

Interview: Tony Boldur – The Spanish dream for a Swede in Barcelona

Tony Boldur was born in Sweden where he has played for clubs like IFK Hässleholm, Hässleholms IF and Hjärsås IF.

His dream has always been to play in Spain as he finds the way of playing very attractive and inspiring. Besides, it’s a warm country compared to Sweden with a lot of sun and close to both the beach and the mountains.

In 2020 he came to Barcelona for a tryout with Footvia, a football academy that helps football players from all over the world make their dreams come true of becoming full time players. Tony’s tryout was successful.

«I love being here. When I was give the opportunity to make my dream come true I couldn’t say no.»

He tells us the impression he has gotten so far has been very positive. Especially since he now can spend his day to day practicing football full time. He mentions that the level of speed, the quality and the discipline is very high, something he expected when joining. He is very happy with what he has seen so far.

His ambitions at the moment is to just work hard, something he does everyday, and just try to reach his goal of becoming a professional player one day.

¿What would you say to someone who is thinking of doing something similar?

«I would tell them that everything is possible while there is enough will. There’s no need to stress it since things will happen when they’re bound to happen. You just need to keep working and fight to be able to make your dream come true one day.»

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