7 de junio de 2023

Real Madrid goalkeeper verbally attacked on twitter after comparing the women’s team with the men’s.

Maria Isabel Rodríguez, goalkeeper at the Real Madrid women’s team saw herself forced to delete a tweet where she compared the women’s team to the men’s team saying: «Same Passion» tagging both teams.

It was yesterday afternoon where the goalkeeper’s post became a big story as she felt obliged to delete her tweet after receiving thousands of hateful comments from other users on Twitter. A lot of them were aimed at her for being a woman and that the team, previously known as CD Tacón, sas riding of the wave of the men’s team.

It is true that their neighbor Atlético de Madrid has been the big dynasty as well as rival team FC Barcelona, but this season Real Madrid has proven to be one of the best teams in Spain and although they aren’t able to compete with Barcelona yet, they have created a very good start for themselves.

The reactions after «Misa» Rodríguez put a photo of herself and Asensio from the men’s team were incredible for being the year 2021.

After deleting the tweet, Asensio himself was one of the first to repost a similar post to show support to his club colleague. This was followed by many other clubs and players, not only in Spain but also around the world to show support and fight for gender equality for both men and women.

«Misma Pasión» (Same passion), was staggered to point out that football is football, no matter who plays it. It doesn’t belong to any specific group, especially no based on their gender. It belongs to everyone who wants to be a part of it.

It should be known in the world that this type of behavior will not be accepted at any time. Just like racism, this battle will be won.

#mismapasión #samepassion

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