The King’s Cup – The modern version of «Saint George and the dragon»

I’m talking about the Spanish Cup. The tournament where all the clubs have the opportunity to compete against the giants of Spanish football.

We’ve already seen games where Terrassa almost beat Valencia, where Alcoyano, with one player less on the field sent Real Madrid home, and a Cornellà who gave Atlético de Madrid a less of what it’s like to play a community field.

The cup nowadays isn’t as valued among the clubs the it used to be. And now even less the the schedule packed from July to May. Still they want to win.

The Real Madrid team that played against Alcoyano wasn’t a U19 squad. They were player where one of them probably makes more money than the entire Valencian team together. Fun fact is that goalkeeper was the only one who had ever played in the Spanish first division before.

Even so, this leaves space for magic to happen where the dream might not be to win the cup but to play against your idols. To be on the same pitch as those you before had only seen on TV or from the stands.

The sad part this season is that the cup is being played behind closed doors. The Cornellà fans perhaps could’ve seen something from the street, but it’s not the same as when you are on the stands. And even worse, this season they’ve gotten to play against Atleti and Barcelona. At least they will be memories forever for the players in green.

Unfortunately, with the extension of the Catalan government, I find it very hard to believe that the non professional leagues will be able to start. And soon we’ll probably get the news of its early end. Again. The most interesting part will be how the FCF will handle the consequences when they do.

The + & – of the week

+ Plus

1. The Spanish Cup is pure magic this season

2. The Barça women’s team lost the Super Cup, but in the league they aren’t runnnig like train. They’re a freakin’ Boeing 747.

– Minus

1. The FCF and their way of handling the current situation where we’ve been without competition since March last year.

2. Lionel Messi. Whatever was the reason, to hit someone of the football field like he did in the Super Cup final is a big NO NO! Especially if you are one of the most famous players in the world

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