1 de junio de 2023

The old school: Lost and forgotten or just ignored?

The other day I read a tweet (published in the tweet of the week) where they talked about a new coordinator who had joined a club.

They described the person as very old with poor hygiene, but oh where they to up their words.

This tweet made me think of my short passage through the world as a football player. Sadly or just plain luck, my parents worked late hours meaning they didn’t have time to go to any of my games, and honestly, they didn’t like being in the stands anyway. This eventually cause myself from giving up the game.

I remember our coach, a young Jarque, who anyone within the Barcelona football world knows, who made us put on our football cleats in the locker room.

«What’s this, coming to practice wearing your street shoes?»

Truth be told I don’t remember much about the drills we did during practice. What I do remember is the spirit of sacrifice that he transmitted, the companionship he taught us and the sportsmanship above all.

I remember fatigue, pain and the bruises on my legs (there were no grass fields to play on), but most of I remember the personal growth and self-esteem he injected us with.

And after the practice he would always say:

«Everyone to the showers! What’s this about not showering before going home?»

It didn’t matter, winter or summer, cold or hot water, everyone had to shower after practice.

I believe times have changed a lot and now they put other interests first. But that’s a story for another day

There are still old school coaches out there, but unfortunately they are not the majority anymore. I’m not saying the other ones are bad. The opposite. But those who work within youth football, especially in the younger ages, in my opinion, should be made from the old school where values are more important then anything else.

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«El Mentor» By: Alfonso García (@alfonsogm4)

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