30 de marzo de 2023

Víctor Valdés and his exit from UA Horta

For as long as a candy bar lasts in the entrance of a school: Víctor Valdés and his exit from UA Horta.

Víctor Valdés «visit» at UA Horta reminds me a lot of the times back in the 90s.

The former goalkeeper left his coaching position at the FC Barcelona U19 after not agreen with the club on how to work with the team.

The feeling of having him atl Horta seemed like a very interesting idea where the expectations are different.

To get back to my point about the 90s I meant when big Sheiks and owners pumped millions into the clubs.

In the beginning it was all happiness, but after some time things changed and in many cases the clubs were left in ruins.

I would like to make a comparison to Valdés arrival at Horta. In the beginning everything seemed great, but after a while it was the same and he left the club stranded.

It’s clear that it gives you a spring being a former player known all over the world and someone who could bring media coverage to the club. You also bring experience from playing at the highest level with professionalism full of knowledge.

I’m sure the Horta players noticed the change of quality on the field, but perhaps the expectations weren’t what they though it would be.

These types of projects, if they last, they can be very fruitful for a club, but if the apple doesn’t, it’s bound to turn sour. This might leave the clubs in a worse scenario than when they started.

It’s hard to judge if this project went well or not given the short period of time it lasted, and now we’ll never know. But the though of it all was nice, a bit too nice. It almost felt like it was all just a lie.

What we do know is that the club is the one who lost our from all of this. They bet on something that perhaps should’ve have been possible to get, but it was. And now they’re left with a bad spot in the table, higher expenses, a divided fans base, a scenario no one wanted to happen. A club left in ruins.

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