7 de junio de 2023

You’ll never walk alone – The story behind one of the most mythic hymns in the world

You’ll never walk alone, the Liverpool hymn that gives goosebumps just hearing on the TV. Imagine to be at Anfield with 50.000 other fans singing it. But the question is, where does this song originate from?

The hymn comes from a small piece of American drama theater by Risa Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein called «Carousel» from 1945.

In this drama, Juli’s husband dies in an accident and when in tears this is when she starts to sing You never walk alone, but she can’t continue. That’s when her cousin Neti comforts her and start singing it instead.

Something that happens with a lot of theater stories, the turned to the big screen, which happened in 1956. Gerry Marsden was blown away by the song and decided to make his own version with his band Gerry and The Peacemakers.

Back then in the 60s, the megaphone started entering the stadiums and they took advantage of them to play music and so on. This was a way to lift the spirit of the fans. At Anfield, You’ll never walk alone, was one of the most played songs.

I’ll never walk alone lead the musical hit list for four weeks in the UK in 1963.

The message of the song strengthened companionship and hope. It was adopted by the Liverpool fans who turned the song into their own personal hymn.

But it wasn’t until 1989, after the Tradegy at Hillsborough where 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives that the lyrics of the song really fulfilled its purpose and meaning.

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Link: «You’ll never walk alone» from the movie

Listen from 3:30 of the video to hear the song in its original version..


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